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News - Mars Water Bomber fighting fires in B.C. - July 2003

Okanagan Mountain Park forest fire... Find out more about the fire
Fighting fires in B.C., 2003... Photos of the Mars Water Bomber
Many photos submitted of the fire... View them on Castanet.net
Photos of the Mars Water Bomber - Michel Dore
Fighting the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire - September 2003
Mars Water Momber 1
Mars Water Momber 2
Mars Water Bomber fighting the Osoyoos Fire
Mars Water Momber 3
Mars Water Momber 4
Mars Water Momber 5

Please note: Someone Emailed the three bottom pictures to highwaylodge.com and we have no way to find the source of these photos. If you took these pictures or if you know who did please let us know. We would like to leave these great photos on the website and give credit to the person who took them... however we'll remove them if asked to by the photographer.


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